How to cash a check with no id

Losing your ID while on vacation or travelling in foreign territory can be devastating. Cashing a check without identification can be a problem at most financial institutions. Fortunately, several ways exist to cash a check without identification.

Endorse the check and have a trusted friend deposit it into his account. Depending on the bank, the person may withdraw the money instantly or within 24 hours. Deposit the check through the bank ATM electronically to receive check funds quickly.

Find check-cashing stores in your area and ask them to cash your check. Sometimes, check-cashing stores will cash checks if you are a frequent customer and they recognise you. Usually, the customer service representative will ask for other information besides your identification to cash your check. Money Mart stores cash checks without an ID.

Negotiate with your primary bank. Bring any identity-proving documents, such as a Social Security card, bank statement, birth certificate or motor vehicle receipt. Banks sometimes scan customer's identification cards and driver's licenses into the banking system. Ask the banking representative to pull up your information or offer to supply a thumbprint to prove your identity.

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