How to cash a check with no ID required

Sometimes it seems that without our ID we become invisible, and this can be particularly devastating if you've lost your ID in an unfamiliar country or state while travelling. Fortunately, there are several ways to cash a check with no ID required, so that you can have enough cash to get a meal, to make it back home, or for whatever else you need it for.

Endorse the check by signing it on the back and have a trusted person deposit it into his account. Usually after twenty-four hours the person may withdraw the money for you.

Use a local Money Mart, which has locations in Canada and the U.S. Visit the nearest location and ask to cash the check. The representative will ask for information to determine identification, but will require no ID form.

Negotiate. In the case of a missing photo ID, bring any available identifying documents to your bank, such as bank statements, Social Security card, birth certificate or DMV receipt for a lost driver's license or state ID. Ask politely if these will work. Also, ask the representative at the bank what particular options they may have for those who do not currently have a photo ID. Many banks will work out an alternative check-cashing method or even make a one-time exception to the rules.

Use a Matricula Consular da Alta Seguridades (MCAS) at any bank participating in Bank on California, a state program making it easier for low and middle-income families to start banking. These banks require no passport or U.S. document for Mexican citizens with a Matricula card.

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