How to cash cheques without a bank account

When you don't have a bank account, receiving a cheque as payment, whether it's a personal, business or traveller's cheque, can be a challenge. If this is your situation, you'll likely have to establish a relationship with a reputable cheque-cashing business. Keep in mind cheque and money-order scams have caused cheque-cashing locations to become more strict about the process of cashing a cheque. In fact, cheque-cashing scams were the top form of fraud reported in 2009. To avoid issues, go prepared with the proper identification and information.

Examine the cheque carefully to ensure it isn't fraudulent before visiting a cheque-cashing location. Call to verify a legitimate company issued the cheque.

Bring your identification and the valid cheque to a cheque-cashing location. Be prepared to pay a fee, which varies depending on the service. The address on the cheque might have to match the address on your identification.

Present your identification, and sign the back of the cheque where designated. Pose for a photograph, which many cheque-cashing locations require to cash a cheque from a new customer. You'll receive the cash amount minus fees.


In some cases, you can simply visit the bank that issued the cheque (if one is local to you) and cash the cheque there instead of visiting a cheque-cashing business. In this case, you likely won't have to pay a fee --- just provide your valid government-issued identification, and sign the back.

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