How to cash a postal service money order

Money orders provide an easy way for people to send money through the mail. People in the United States can cash a postal service money order at any post office or bank. While a bank or a check cashing facility may charge a fee to cash a money order, the postal service only charges the purchaser of the money order, not the person cashing it, so post offices serve as great places to cash a postal service money order.

Choose whether to cash the money order at a post office or a bank. Keep in mind that it's easier to make transactions at a bank at which the user holds an account, and different banks have different policies. For a person without a bank account, it's usually easier to cash a money order at the post office.

If you have a bank account, go to your bank. Bring your check card and identification, and follow the normal check-cashing procedures of that bank. Show the bank teller your ID and sign the money order.

To cash the money order at a post office, find a U.S. post office. The U.S. Postal Service has a post office locator at Click "Locate a Post Office," enter the Postcode and, for the closest possible location, enter street address for a starting point.

Walk, bus, bike or drive to the post office in question, bringing identification. According to the U.S. Postal Service, if the purchaser has written out a postal service money order to an organisation, the person cashing it must have documents identifying him or her as a representative of the organisation.

If the purchaser has made it out to two names with the word "and" between them, both parties must be present. Only one party needs to be present if the purchaser has written the money order to two names separated by the word "or."

Show a postal service employee your identification and sign the money order. Customers unable to sign their names should bring a witness and mark the document.


Any person who needs to cash more than £6,500 worth of postal money orders at the post office in one day must also submit Form 8105-A. This form can be acquired and filled out at the post office.

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Things Needed

  • Postal money order
  • Identification

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