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How to cash a tax refund check

Tax season is a time when many taxpayers find they have a refund coming. A tax refund is issued either by direct deposit into a taxpayer's bank account or by a check mailed to the taxpayer.

Many businesses offer check-cashing services for tax refund checks, usually with fees based on the amount of the check. Some businesses also offer special services, such as using your rebate check to purchase a car. Take your driver's license and Social Security card with you when you go to cash your tax refund check in case you are asked to provide both.

Present the check to your bank for cashing. If you have a checking or savings account with a bank, your bank will cash your refund check with no fees. If you do not have an account, many banks will cash the check if you open an account. Some banks will cash refund checks up to a certain amount but will charge a fee for the service.

Visit a check-cashing centre. Most services that cash payroll checks also will cash tax refund checks. Grocery stores that offer check-cashing services usually offer tax-refund cashing services. Both of these businesses will charge service fees.

Cash the check at a big retailer. Some big retailers will cash tax refund checks and offer in-store discounts at the same time. If you need to do some shopping, a retailer will often waive the service fees if you make your purchases when cashing your check. (See Reference, below)

Things Needed

  • Tax refund check
  • Driver's license
  • Social Security card