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Ways to Celebrate a Company's 10th Anniversary

Celebrating your company's 10th anniversary provides an opportunity to commemorate business successes and thank hard-working employees for helping the company reach its goals. Consider celebrating your company's 10th anniversary by hosting a dinner, a casual outdoor picnic or an employee awards ceremony. Spend as little or as much as your company can afford on these events. Celebrate your company's past and look forward to future accomplishments.

Hosting a Dinner

Reserve a private dining room at a restaurant or another location to seat all of your employees. Before the dinner, consider having a small token of the company's appreciate made and ready to give to each employee. You can give a customised T-shirt, drinking glass, personalised candies or any other favour that you like. Set the favours by each employees place setting or put them on a table where guests can pick them up before they leave for the night. Before dinner, have someone say a few words about the company's past and future and how thankful you are for all of the employees' hard work. Everyone will appreciate the dinner and the chance to socialise with their coworkers.

Outdoor Picnic

Host a casual picnic for employees and their families to get to know each other. Set aside some time at the beginning of the picnic to thank your employees and let them know the picnic is to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication over the years. Assign a few people to grill hot dogs and hamburgers and also buy plenty of sides like sliced watermelon, baked beans or potato salad. You can ask employees to help out by bringing a favourite side dish, drinks or a dessert with them as well. Make the picnic fun by setting up a kickball, softball or volleyball game. Consider having outdoor toys available such as frisbees or beach balls. Families bringing children will appreciate any kid-friendly games or toys to keep the children entertained while the adults socialise.

Employee Awards Ceremony

Reserve a space either at your office or another location that is large enough to comfortably seat all employees. Ask a few people to prepare short speeches about the company and how much success you have had over the past 10 years. Consider asking both recognisable employees such as a vice president as well as lesser-known employees for a variety of viewpoints. Start off the awards ceremony by welcoming the employees and showing a short video or slide show detailing how the company began and how far it has come. Give out awards to employees to recognise them for their contribution to the company. Some ideas for awards are giving a gift to employees who have been with the company since the beginning or recognising the person who had the highest sales. Your employees will leave the awards ceremony feeling proud to work for the company and looking forward to the years to come.