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Average Yearly Salary for a Geneticist

Salaries for geneticists vary based on several factors including their level of experience and the type of company that they work for.

Gender also plays a role in a geneticist's salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for geneticists is around £43,225.


Experience plays a large role in the salaries of geneticists in the United States. Those with one to four years of experience report salaries generally falling between £39,650 and £78,520 as of June 2010.

Interestingly, those with five to nine years of experience report a lower slightly salary range with incomes falling between £44,720 and £74,750.

Some of the highest paid geneticists have ten to 19 years of experience. They report a salary range of £55,250 to £130,000, according to

Employer Type

Geneticists play several roles, and as such, they may be hired by a variety of employers. As of June 2010, the highest paid geneticists work in colleges and universities, probably where they are conducting research and teaching courses. They report a salary range of$78,600 to £105,820, according to PayScale. Those in working in hospitals report a significantly lower salary range of £48,230 to £72,540 while those working in companies report a salary range of £38,350 to £66,820.


Of the industries hiring geneticists, the government hired more than the other industries combined. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the government employed approximately 61 per cent of the working geneticists.

The next largest employer of geneticists is educational services with 14 per cent of geneticists.

The industry of professional, scientific, and technical services employs 13 per cent of geneticists. The last 12 per cent of geneticists work in a variety of other industries.


As much as the differences in pay between men and women in the U.S. have decreased over time, men still typically earn more than women in comparable job positions. This can be seen in geneticists as well. Male geneticists report that their salaries generally fall between £49,595 and £72,150, according to PayScale. On the other hand, as of June 2010, female geneticists report a salary range of £39,000 to £58,500 which is somewhat less than that of men.


Geneticists generally receive a few or several benefits along with their salary package, depending upon their employer. As of June 2010, the paid holidays and vacation time and life insurance and disability are the two mostly commonly reported benefits for geneticists.

Some also receive paid sick leave, malpractice or liability insurance or a 401(k) plan. A 403(b) plan and reimbursement for education, training, and tuition costs are not as common, according to PayScale, but some geneticists do receive them.