How to convert a vantage score to a FICO range

The Vantage Score was created by the three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, to compete with the FICO score. The Vantage Score is on a range from 501 to 990, while the FICO score is on a range of 300 to 850. The scores are not directly comparable because the criteria are weighted differently for each calculation. However, the goal and reasoning of the scores is similar enough for a rough conversion. This can be done mathematically or using score ranges.

Do a direct linear conversion from the Vantage Score using the following formula: (Vantage Score – 501) x 1.125 + 300. For example, a Vantage Score of 815 would be (815 – 501) x 1.125 + 300 = 653. This is a simple mathematical conversion, but does not account for the differences in how factors are weighed in each score. Thus, the resulting FICO score is likely different from your actual FICO score.

Determine which range your Vantage Score falls into. Vantage scores 901 to 990 are excellent, 801 to 900 are good, 701 to 800 are decent and 600 to 700 are bad. The example Vantage Score of 815 falls in the good range.

Translate this range to the appropriate range in FICO scores. Excellent FICO scores are 720 to 850, good scores are 700 to 719, decent scores are 620 to 699 and bad scores are 350 to 619. The example Vantage Score, 815, is the in the good range so would fall between 700 and 719 as a FICO score. This result is different from the direct linear conversion and more representative of what your score likely would be. This is because FICO scores are not divided equally among the score categories.


Your actual FICO score may differ from the results from either conversion method. For best results, order your actual FICO score.

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