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How to create a car rental agreement

A car rental agreement form can be made up as a way to protect yourself if you decide to rent out a vehicle that you own to someone. A car rental agreement can legally protect you in the case of theft or damage to the vehicle.

The purpose of a car rental agreement is to spell out rental terms and costs. To help create an auto rental agreement, you can use online templates.

Download a car rental agreement template for a word processing program. These templates can give you an idea of what to include in your agreement. Many templates can be edited to include information relevant to your situation. An example of a site you can use to download auto rental form templates is DocStoc.

Include information about the vehicle on the car rental agreement. Document the number plate number as well as make, model and year. The agreement should also detail any pre-existing damage that may be on the car as well as current mileage.

Leave space for the driver's information on the form. Have the renter include his driver's license number as well as contact details.

Spell out the length of the rental agreement. Write out the expected return date as well as the date and time of the rental.

Write out an itemised list of the expenses of the car rental. This may include daily/weekly/monthly rate, mileage charges and insurance costs.

Place the terms and conditions of the automobile rental on the agreement. Include a clause that places responsibility on the renter that the car be returned in the same condition when left your lot. After terms and conditions, a spot for date and signature should be allotted. Save or print the word processing document.


Consider having a lawyer look over your car rental agreement once it is completed.