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Bulletin Board Ideas for the Office

The office notice board is an excellent place to display pertinent employee information, useful tips, birthday wishes and contest results or employee rankings.

If utilised properly, the board can become an epicentre of sorts for office information. The more eye-catching your display, the more attention it is likely to receive.

Policies and Procedures

Be certain that your entire office is aware of office policies and procedures by displaying them on a notice board for all to see. No one will be able to claim ignorance when neglecting to abide by a particular policy and new employees will have a readily available answer for many of their questions. Be sure to post policy changes and updates as well. Prevent this particular type of notice board from looking boring by printing the policies and procedures in bold lettering with bullet points on coloured paper.

Current Promotions

Instead of wasting paper passing out a list of current promotions, post them on your office notice board. Employees eager to make sales will be sure to check out the board for the latest deals they are able to offer.

Use different coloured paper to highlight each promotion that is being run. Use product photographs if appropriate.

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate current events in your office on your notice board. For a birthday, decorate the corners of the board with inflated balloons and make a border with streamers.

Blow up a picture of the individual you are celebrating and encourage other employees to sign the picture with well wishes. Post a list of upcoming birthdays as well.


Use the notice board to display the results of motivational contests or awards. A picture of the Employee of the Month could be displayed at the beginning of each month.

Beside the picture, list the qualities that make that particular individual stand out or some personal information to help other employees get to know her better. If you have sales competitions, list the first-, second-, and third-place winners as well as their accomplishments at the beginning of each week. A desire to know how they rank certainly will drive people to visit the notice board.

Humour, Jokes and Anecdotes

List some jokes on the notice board to give employees ideas on how to break the ice on sales calls.

Print out the jokes on different-size pieces of coloured paper so they stand out from each other. Additionally, provide motivational statements to keep your employees encouraged when the job gets tough. Print those on small pieces of coloured paper as well.