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Creative Ideas for a Work Bulletin Board

Workplace notice boards provide a space for creative displays for all of the employees.

The notice board displays have the potential to unite the staff, bring humour to the day or recognise employee achievements. The dynamics of the workplace will guide the best option for your displays.

Peer Recognition

Recognising peers for achievements helps promote teamwork and fosters an environment of support for the staff.

Being on the receiving end of the recognition helps the staff members feel appreciated and motivates them to continue working hard.

The staff members can add praises for their colleagues at any time to the notice board. You can either have them write it directly on background paper or provide die-cut shapes on which they can write. The person giving the recognition simply writes who they want to recognise and why.

Department Showcases

Let each department take a turn decorating the notice board. Encourage the departments to use creativity to make an entertaining or informational notice board display.

This helps share the responsibility of keeping the notice board updated and keeps it interesting by pulling ideas from different people within the company. You can set a particular guidelines for the display or leave everything up to each department.

Workplace Humor

Humour helps alleviate stress.

A notice board dedicated to humour gives the staff a place to find a laugh when work is causing them stress. Comic strips, jokes or humorous pictures work well for the display. The staff members can add to the notice board display for more variety. Monitor the notice board carefully to ensure no one places any inappropriate or offensive jokes on the display. Also avoid making fun of any of the staff as part of the joke. This can cause hurt feelings and cause friction in the workplace. Change the jokes frequently to keep the notice board fresh.

Employee Profiles

Choose one or two employees at a time to feature on the notice board display. Post a picture of the person as well as any relevant information. This might include her position within the company, her career achievements or her history with the company.

If the employee agrees, include some personal information about her. This shows that the company looks at the staff as people rather than just employees.