FAQ on crime scene cleanup jobs

Crime scenes are understandably messy places. After police have completed their investigation, extensive cleaning is required to clean and sanitise these crime scenes so others can work or live in the area once again. Crime scene cleaners are specially trained individuals who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to safely tend to a crime scene. These professionals must exercise caution and care to ensure that their difficult job is completed to perfection and the once-contaminated area is safe for habitation.

Q: Do you have to have an advanced degree to work as a crime scene cleaner?

A: Individuals working as crime scene cleaners do not have to possess an advanced degree. In fact, many individuals who hold positions within this field do not have a college diploma, reports a CNN Money report.

Q: Do I need any type of special training to work in this field?

A: While there is no governmental requirements for certification within the field, many crime scene cleaning companies require their employees to take coursework to ensure that they are fully versed in the rules of handing hazardous materials. By requiring employees to take these courses, companies can prevent mishandling of hazardous materials and ensure employee safety.

Q: Why is crime scene cleaning dangerous?

A: Crime scenes often contain large amounts of human bodily fluids. These materials present a biohazard as they can spread infectious diseases. Individuals who clean crime scenes must protect themselves from these biohazards while performing their job to ensure their health and safety.

Q: What types of things do crime scene cleaners clean?

A: Crime Scene Cleaners Inc. reports that crime scene cleaners clean anything and everything. In most cases, crime scene cleaning is focused on human blood and bodily fluids, but there are times in which crime scene cleaners must deal with other potentially dangerous substances such as drug residue and moulds.

Q: How long does it take to clean up a crime scene?

A: The length of time required to clean a scene depends on how soiled the area is. Light cleanup jobs can take a few hours, while heavy jobs can require as much as three 16-hour days of work.

Q: How much money can an individual working as a crime scene cleaner make annually?

A: CNN Money lists crime scene cleaning as a six figure occupation. Because of the dangerous and gory work that individuals in this field undertake, many companies pay well. Individuals within the field can earn even more money if they own their own business and form relationships with mortuaries or other death services agencies.

Q: What protective clothing do crime scene cleaners wear?

A: Crime scene cleaners protect themselves with specially designed garments including gloves, eyewear, shoe covers and sometimes even hazardous materials suits and respirators, reports the "Las Vegas Review Journal."

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