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Crime scene clean-up jobs

Crime scene clean-up businesses are a growing industry in the United States. These firms provide a valuable service to bereaved or victimised families by cleaning up the aftermath of a violent death or injury and returning the property to its original condition.


Crime scene clean-up technicians are professionals who assist families and businesses by cleaning up bodily fluids or body tissue after a homicide, suicide or accident. Technicians are trained to use industrial cleaning materials and dispose of biohazardous waste. Their job includes cleaning bodily fluids and tissue such as bone or organ fragments from all surfaces. Technicians use industrial grade chemicals, wet and dry vacuums and scrub brushes to clean. They often replace areas of walls or floors that are soaked with fluid. When they've finished cleaning, technicians frequently use professional strength odour removers, air purifiers and ozone machines to leave the area smelling clean.


Crime scene clean-up can be a physically and emotionally demanding job. Technicians must suit up in full biohazard gear, which can be cumbersome and hot, for every job to avoid exposure to blood-borne pathogens and the toxic chemicals that are used for cleaning. The majority of clean-up jobs involve unexpected violent death, and the crime scene cleaners must be able to process the emotional aspect of the job which can be particularly difficult when it involves the death of a child or other disturbing circumstances.


Most crime scene technician jobs do not require a college degree as a condition of employment, but a background in science is helpful. Reputable crime scene cleanup companies put all employees through blood-born pathogen and biohazardous waste training. Potential employees should consider whether they will be able to deal with the emotional aspect of the job, as crime scene techs are exposed to very bloody scenes on a regular basis, and often have contact with bereaved friends and family in the process.


Many members of the general public mistakenly equate crime scene clean-up with crime scene investigation. Crime scene clean-up technicians are in no way involved in the investigative or legal aspects of a crime. They arrive at the scene at the request of the family or property owners, only after the body has been removed and the police have concluded any investigation.


Crime scene clean-up is a growth industry right now, particularly in large cities. The occupational outlook for crime scene technicians is good with entry level workers earning, on average, £22,750 and more experienced workers earning upwards of double that amount. When CNN reported on this growing industry, they noted that many crime scene clean-up business owners make six-figure incomes. The demand for crime scene clean-up technicians is particularly high in major metropolitan areas, and workers with experience can expect to start off with higher-than-average salaries. Owners of crime scene clean-up firms, such as Ron Gospokarski of Bio-Recovery Corp., express that helping families move on with their lives after experiencing such a trauma is the largest benefit of the job.