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How to Decorate an Employee of the Month Board

Hardworking employees deserve recognition for the work they put in for their company.

Although verbal praise is meaningful and effective, employees also crave public recognition so their co-workers and superiors are aware of their accomplishments. Employee of the Month boards are an innovative way to publicly congratulate and thank employees for their achievements, as well as spark a bit of friendly office competition that keeps employees aiming high.

Choose a background colour for the board that best matches the most important holidays or seasons occurring within the month the employee is being recognised. For example, if the employee is being recognised in February, make the background red for Valentine's Day. If the employee is being recognised in March, make the background green for St. Patrick's Day.

Take a flattering picture of the employee, have it enlarged and hang it in the centre of the board. This should be a photograph the employee was allowed to prepare and pose for or bring in, not a candid shot.

Use either stencilled or removable letters to spell out a slogan, the employee's name and various headings on the board. The slogan should have something to do with the seasonal theme of the board. For example, if the board is being hung in April, the background should be blue with a phrase like, "This Spring, we'd like to shower (fill in employee's name) with praise for doing such an excellent job." Headings should include information about the employee such as "Company History", "Greatest Moments", "Why We Love You", and "Interesting Facts".

Type, print and post information under the proper headings. Under the "Company History" heading should be information about how long the employee has been working with the department, their promotions or assumptions of new responsibility, and their strengths. Under the "Greatest Moments" heading should be a listing of the employee's most stellar, work-related moments. Under the "Why We Love You" heading should be quotes from co-workers and superiors explaining why the employee is such an asset to the company. Under "Interesting Facts" should include information about the employee's personal life, such as birthday, marital status, children, favourite colour, college attended, college major and other notable biographical information.

Add decorations to the board. Additional decorations should complement the month's theme. For example, a Valentine's Day themed board should include tiny hearts, Cupids and bows with arrows. A Halloween themed board should include cut outs of pumpkins, broomsticks, leaves, etc.

Things Needed

  • Construction paper
  • Stencils
  • Cut out letters
  • Glue
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Seasonal decorations