How to deposit a check into someone else's account

Depositing a check into a bank account means making a trip to the bank with the check. Using information on the check, the bank processes that information and deposits it into the account specified on the deposit slip, a form that specifies the information of the account the check is being deposited into. The process is simple, even if the bank account you are making the deposit into is not your own.

Obtain a deposit slip from the person whose bank account you are depositing the check into. Ask the recipient of the check to fill it out by writing his account information and the amount of the check into the boxes provided, then dating the deposit slip. The recipient of the check must sign the back of the check.

Go to the bank. You can go to the drive-up line or park and go inside to visit a bank teller. Give the teller the deposit slip and check.

Obtain a receipt from the bank to give to the person whose bank account you made the deposit. You are not required to show photo identification to deposit a check into someone's account.


If the person whose account you are depositing the check into does not provide you with a deposit slip or her bank account number you will encounter issues when attempting to deposit the check into her account. Many banks will not allow you to do this without a bank account number to specify the account you want to make the deposit to.

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