How to Do Car Taxes Online

The United Kingdom imposes strict rules about car taxes. A car tax disc must be displayed on your windshield if the car is parked or used on a public road. The minimum penalty for not displaying a car tax disc is a fine, while the maximum penalty, under the UK Vehicle Excise and Regulation Act of 1984, is removal and ultimate disposal of your car. You can now do your car taxes online. The process is simple and the car tax gets paid immediately.

Go to the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency website. You must have valid insurance and an up-to-date Ministry of Transport test certificate to do your car taxes online. These are checked electronically, using the UK's Motor Insurance Database and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency database.

Get your car tax reminder form (V11)--it has a 16-digit reference number you need to input. It is mailed to you about three weeks before your car tax is due to expire. You can do your car taxes online without the V11, but you will need to know your car registration number and UK vehicle reference number (get this from the front of your Registration Certificate).

Click "Apply for a tax disc now." Check the seven boxes "Yes." If you have to check a box "No," you cannot proceed.

Click "Next." Enter the 16-digit reference number from your V11 in the box. If you don't have a V11, enter your car registration number and UK vehicle reference number below the box.

Click "Next" and review your car details. Make sure the information is correct and relates to your car. Some information can be corrected online. Click "Next." Your insurance and MOT will be checked. If both are in order, the page will display "Confirmed"; otherwise, you will not be able to proceed.

Click "Next" and then check the appropriate box to pay for six or 12 months of car tax. Click "Next" and enter your payment details. All major credit and debit cards are accepted; a fee of £2.50 is added if you use a credit card. Enter your e-mail address and click "Next."

Review a summary of your car tax application and payment details. Click "Next" and wait while your payment is taken. You will be told your car tax has been renewed. Expect to receive your tax disc via mail in five working days. Check your e-mail box for further confirmation and a reference number. You need this number if your car tax disc doesn't arrive.


You can also apply by phone. Call 0300 123 4321 and give your reference number. Have your credit or debit card handy. The V11 form is only sent to the registered keeper's address. You will need to renew your car tax at a post office if you have recently moved address.


Only get your tax disc online if you have a full Registration Certificate showing your current address. Otherwise, your tax disc will be sent to the wrong address.

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Things Needed

  • Credit or debit card
  • Car tax reminder (V11)

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