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How Do I Retrieve Old Credit Card Statements?

While many people will have no use for old credit card statements, others need them for filing taxes, analysing spending, creating budgets or for litigation. While credit card statements used to be sent only by postal mail, they now may be obtained in a variety of ways, including electronically and by fax. If you need to get one or more old credit card statements, there are steps that you will need to take.

Log on to your credit card issuer's website. Most credit card companies offer free online user accounts for customers, which may provide access to older credit card statements that can be downloaded and printed out.

Call your credit card company and ask for the statements that you need. Be specific to get the fastest results by asking for the exact month and year that you need. Depending on how old they are and how many you need, you may be have to pay a small fee to obtain a copy. Ask the representative if you may receive the statements by fax, if you need them right away.

Send a written request to your credit card issuer. You can find the current mailing addresses of most credit card companies on their websites.

Keep your credit card statements for at least seven years, advises Organise them in a paper file and keep them stored away so that they will not be lost or ruined.