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How to register a debit card with clicksafe

Lloyds TSB is a United Kingdom-based bank. The bank offers an option to customers known as ClickSafe, a security option that means only you can approve purchases at participating retailers with your debit card. Every time you buy goods or services with the card, you must enter a personal identification number to confirm you are the cardholder. It is easy to register your debit card for ClickSafe using Lloyds TSB's website.

Go to the Lloyds TSB website.

Click on "Site Map" at the top of the page.

Click on "Lloyds TSB ClickSafe" under "Credit Cards."

Click on the "Register" tab. Click on "debit card."

Click on the "Click here to register" link on the right.

Review the terms and then click on "I accept" at the bottom of the page.

Enter your card information, choose a login name and then choose a pin to complete the registration.