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Easy jobs that make good money

Finding an easy job that makes good money can be a challenging task.

The good news is that once you find an easy job that pays well, you will have overcome the most difficult part of the job--finding it. In reality, there are some jobs that could be considered easy jobs for different reasons such as being less stressful than other jobs or maybe having more schedule flexibility.

Education/Training Consultant

According to, the least stressful job to have is in the field of consulting.

Education and training consultants typically work in environments in which they are hired by companies who want to invest in their employees.

Because of this commitment to employee productivity and well-being, consultants can expect to generally work in a positive environment where people expect to succeed and feel as if they are a part of a greater purpose.

The field of consulting is one of the fastest growing occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Jobs in this field are expected to grow by 83 per cent from 2008 to 2018.

Consultants typically assess and advise companies on ways that they can improve business.

Aside from providing expertise in a given industry, consultants may also provide training and education to companies.

Education requirements for consultants vary according to the field in which they provide expertise. The BLS notes that the median weekly pay of those working as consultants was £593 in 2008.


For those who have a knack with children, babysitting might be one job to consider.

While babysitting other people's children may not sound like the easiest job in the world, those who babysit regularly and have established references may be able to pick and choose which clients they take on.

In doing so, babysitters can choose to take on jobs where they know that the children are well-behaved or the children are older and can take care of themselves with minimal supervision.

Babysitting usually requires no education, although CPR certification can enhance your chance of landing a babysitting job. notes that the average hourly wage nationwide for self-employed babysitters was from £5.80 to £9.60, as of September 2010.


Tutoring is another easy job that can pay quite well. Tutors help instruct students who may be struggling with their studies in one particular subject or in several different subjects. Tutors typically do not need to have a college degree when teaching secondary school students. College tutors typically need to be majoring in the field of study in which they are providing instruction. Tutoring can be an easy job because of its low stress nature and because of its flexibility.

Tutors can usually set their own hours and have an easy time completing their job as long as they have strong communication skills and know how to instruct others in their areas of expertise. noted that the average hourly wage for tutors was between £6.60 and £14.0, as of September 2010.