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Electrical Estimator Job Description

An electrical estimator works for an electrician or contracting business to provide a cost estimate for work projects. The contractor uses the cost estimate to bid on large projects or to provide customers with estimates for residential projects.


Electrical estimators develop cost estimates by analysing the materials and labour needed to complete the project. Electrical estimators must factor in the cost of wasted materials and possible delays in the project.

Required Qualifications

Construction companies or electrical contractors require a degree in construction management to qualify as a skilled electrical estimator. The candidate must also have experience in the electrical field and knowledge of the materials and methods used to complete a project.

Additional Skills

Cost estimators should be skilled in math and have the ability to foresee potential issues in a project. The person in the role of an estimator must have good communication skills, basic computer skills and the ability to read blueprints.

Average Salary

The average salary for an electrical estimator is £44,850 as of July 2010, according to Salaries for electrical estimators are dependent on the company, location and experience of the employee.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a fast growth rate for employees in cost estimator positions between 2008 and 2018, including electrical estimators. The increase in the demand for cost estimators is dependent on the increase in construction jobs and projects.