Electrical linesman training

Electrical linesmen are the workers who manage the vast electrical networks (known as the grid). There are two main ways to become a linesman. Either you can go to school and receive a degree or certification, or you can take part in an apprenticeship offered by an electric company or other organisation.


Training is essential to becoming a linesman. Dangers involve coming into to contact with acids, asbestos, and, of course, high voltage electricity. If you are not properly trained, there is a high chance you could be hurt or killed trying to repair high voltage electricity problems.

Time Frame

Initial linesmen training, also known as apprenticeship training, can take anywhere from two to four years. Some universities offer full four-year college degrees, while other trade schools will get you through quicker but with a less well-rounded education. Apprenticeship programs can take less time, give you more on-the-job experience and allow you to earn money while you learn.


The safety risks should definitely be taken into consideration before you begin training. If you are squeamish in unsafe conditions or you are afraid of heights, you shouldn't begin training to become a linesman. Understand that there are always health risks involved with being a linesman.


The training provided by four-year universities will most likely give you a broader understanding of the trade. But an apprenticeship program can give you more hands-on experience and allow you to earn money while you learn. You will learn how to install distribution lines and build wiring. You will learn how to install circuits and circuit boards for many applications from computer systems to telephone networks. Also, you will learn how to climb telephone poles and the safety and regulations involved in the electrical industry. Learning how to be a linesman can be a lifelong skill. Since the demand is often so high for linesmen, you may be able to get financial support for linesman training through either your apprenticeship company or a government agency. Make sure to check for these options as you look for linesman training.


Becoming a linesman can be dangerous. It can be especially dangerous if you do not have the proper supervision during your training. If you are taking part in an apprenticeship program, check with the people you will be doing your apprenticeship with. Ask them how many accidents they've had, if any. Ask them how many apprentices or students have come through their doors and completed the full program. Make your safety a proactive concern while looking for a electrical linesman training.

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