Embryologist Salary Range

An embryologist is a biological scientist who studies the development of embryos in living organisms. These professionals can work in different clinical environments and assist in the improvement of reproduction. Clinical embryologists study human embryos and often assist in fertility for couples who wish to conceive children. PayScale reported average salary ranges for embryologists based on 118 individuals reporting their wages in January 2011.


Most employers require a bachelor's degree in embryology, microbiology or a related discipline for this occupation. Many pursue a master's or doctoral degree specialising in genetics, which may increase employment opportunities. Some embryologists start their career as medical/clinical technologists and progress into the speciality area of embryology.

Salary Range

In most cases, embryologists are paid a base salary and some report receiving bonuses and profit sharing based on the employer's overall financial revenues. The average base salary ranges from £27,779 to £48,064 per year. Those who receive bonuses and profit sharing report averages ranging from £1,478 to £19,725 per year. The total average pay ranges from £28,327 to £48,352 per year.


The most popular industries for embryologists include health care services providers such as medical offices. Another popular industry is research, development and biotechnology. The highest wages among popular industries were reported in research, development and biotechnology, where embryologists earned average salaries ranging from £28,713 to £46,346 per year. Medical services providers pay average salaries ranging from £26,983 to £43,624 per year, and the general health care industry pay average salaries ranging from £26,488 to £42,465 per year.

Employer Types

Almost all employers of embryologists are involved with the many aspects embryology including fertility assistance and the overall study of the development of embryos. Many work in hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as private practices who conduct related research. The highest wages were reported in hospitals, where embryologists earn average salaries ranging from £25,333 to £60,125 per year. Colleges and universities pay average salaries ranging from £23,145 to £33,064 per year and private practices pay average salaries ranging from £29,658 to £48,429 per year.

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