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Everything You Need to Start a Candle Business

Starting a candle business can be a way to make money either from home or a storefront. Either way, certain supplies and materials will be needed.

There are two basic types of candle businesses: those that make and sell their own candles and those that sell candles manufactured elsewhere. Both types can be successful if the right materials and the right attitude is present.

Candle Inventory for Reselling

Since many people love to buy candles as gifts and they can be impulse buys, having a large inventory of the best-selling type of candles is essential. Research what brands and scents are bringing in the most revenue and choose to sell them. For example, Yankee Candles are currently one type of candle many people love to buy. Adding these to an inventory can help get the business started since many people already buy them.

The best places to purchase candles for resale is from the manufacturers.

They will sell the candles to business owners for wholesale prices. If interested in selling Yankee candles, contact the company by phone or e-mail (both provided on website). The same procedure applies for other candle distribution companies. Be sure to pick the most popular candles to ensure revenue and profit.

Candle-Making Supplies

If starting a business with self-made candles, there are certain supplies needed for their creation. Wax is the No. 1 item to have on hand at all times. Pre-made wicks are generally the most cost-effective. Finding the right fragrance to add to the candles is another necessity. Invest in quality dyes to colour the candles. Make sure to have an abundance of moulds, the most popular of which are pillars and votives. Love to Know suggests that "shaped novelty moulds may give you a unique niche for your business."

If selling jar candles, make sure to buy an abundance of glass containers. These items may be purchased through candle-making speciality stores at a discount rate or wholesale price.

Business Name and License

If opening a candle storefront, it will be necessary to obtain a business license. This can be done through local government offices such as a city hall.

If selling or running the candle business from home, check with the local regulations to see if a license or permit is required. Some regions may require one while others may not. This is where to register a candle business name as well.

After obtaining the proper permit and license, create a business card and carry it in a wallet or purse.

Give it to family and friends whom are known for buying candles for their home or when introduced to new people. This helps to get the word out about the candle business.

Also be sure to have a business plan concerning the candle business. Write down how the candles will be sold, who the projected customers will be, how they will be reached, how many candles are projected to sell in a given time period and so forth.

Inventory and Price Lists

Keeping track of all the candles available in a candle business is essential. An inventory list, updated daily, helps to stay on track with reordering supplies. Include the wholesale price of the item as well as the resell price.

Keep track of all candle profits and sales in a separate document. If making candles, be sure to have an abundance of supplies on hand for candle making.

Candle Storefronts

Many people choose to run their candle business from home, and thus a formal storefront is not always used.

However, whether selling candles in a home or online, some type of set-up will be required. If selling from home, be sure to have a catalogue that family and friends can browse.

An online catalogue or website is another way to create a storefront. Starting a website can cost anywhere from free to a couple thousand dollars. There are many options available, depending on the desired look and feel. A website may increase the potential number of customers as well as give the business a more professional appeal.

Keep in mind that many people want to smell candles before they buy them. A website does not allow for this to be done. If reselling popular candles such as Yankee, people can buy their favourites without having to smell them. However, if making new candles, it is recommended to have a physical storefront for customers to test the scents.