What are examples of technical competencies?

Most jobs require the employee to be able to meet a set of technical competencies. A technical competency is a particular skill specifically related to the job. For example, both financial and programming positions will have technical competencies. In some cases, you will need to meet the technical competencies to get the job by demonstrating your ability during a test or by showing competence through prior work experience.

Knowledge of State and Federal Regulations

Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations is a technical competency required for many different positions. For examples, nurses and doctors will need to know the state and federal laws related to consent for treatment and patient privacy, among others. Tax preparers and accountants must have knowledge of financial laws and reporting requirements.

Data Management

Data management is an example of a technical competency required for administrative personnel, programmers and database managers. Some specific competencies may include knowledge of the specific database software used by the company, the ability to maintain and update a database and the ability to extract and analyse data may be required.

Equipment or Program Knowledge

Many positions require knowledge of how to operate certain equipment. For example, a construction position may require knowledge of how to operate a backhoe or an armed security guard will be required to be knowledgeable about firearms. Other positions require knowledge of certain programs. For example, most office positions require knowledge of Microsoft Office; web developers may need to be competent in html programming.

Policy and Planning

Many positions may also require competency in planning and policy-making. For example, human resources personnel may be required to plan training programs or develop positions within the company. Information technology professionals may need to demonstrate knowledge of implementing IT plans to align with the companies' goals or analyse the costs associated with a new project.

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