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Fun games to motivate staff

Companies have to survive in a highly competitive market environment. In this scenario, one of the difficult tasks companies face is staff retention.

When companies have a high staff turnover, they suffer financial and productivity losses.

Happy, motivated employees are more productive and committed to the company. To address the problem, companies have begun finding ways to motivate employees through incentive programs.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy game to play; the aim of the game is to motivate employees through a fun method of learning.

Create a list of information about the company that employees need to find. Examples of information include company history questions, the company's biggest competitor and the factors that contribute to the company's best-selling product. Split employees into teams. Give them a time frame to complete their hunt for information. When the time limit is up, gather the teams together and award the winner and runner-up teams prizes (based on the best information provided). This is a game serves to educate and promote employee cohesiveness.


Secret is a game focused on team building through fun. It helps to inspire employees to work together and use communication effectively. Segregate the employees into teams. Seat employees side by side in a big room or a long corridor.

Instruct the employee at the very end of the line to write a statement. Then have him lean to the person in the next seat and whisper the statement to that person. This process continues down the line until the last person vocalises the statement. Employees are only allowed to recite the statement once; no clarification should be given. When the last person speaks the statement out loud, compare it to the original. Award prizes to teams that get the statement perfectly right.

Create a Board Game

Creating a board game inspires creativity and works to motivate employees through a fun, team-building activity. Divide employees into groups, either by department or cross-department, to enhance departmental cooperation. Give the teams the task of creating a board game that is related to work. Have them write the instructions and develop the game. Instruct them to develop a marketing strategy for the game.

Stranded on a Desert Island

Split employees into teams ranging in size from 5-10 members.

Instruct each team to elect one member of the group to choose an item that the group takes with them to the desert island. Have the individual explain why this item was chosen, its importance and how it can be useful.

The teams must get creative in their thinking to find ways to improve their survival on their island through the use of the shared items. Set a time limit. Select the winning team based on which one has the best ideas.