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Garage Design Programs

Whether you just need to rearrange your space to make it more efficient or you're building a garage from scratch, a garage design program can help you get organised. If you're planning to get technical or create a garage masterpiece, you'll probably want to stick to pay programs, but if all you're looking for is a program to a do a simple layout, free is the word.

CAD QUEST Garage Professional

If you're starting from the ground up, Garage Professional may be what you're seeking. A free program that can be downloaded online, Garage Professional allows you to create a design from the walls to the roof. Modify elements, like size, roof pitch and window and door placement, and select materials for your roofing and siding. When your design's complete, Garage Professional will even print out a list of the materials you need.

Big Hammer Software Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer

If you're planning a large garage and you want to have a lot of built-in items, like workbenches, the Big Hammer Software Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer may be what you need. A garage designer program with an easy-to-use interface, Garage Designer features standard design elements, like window placement, sizing and construction plan printing, and upgraded offerings, like labelling and common customisation choices.

Google SketchUp

Although not specifically for garages, Google SketchUp is a free program that allows users to sketch up on your computer almost anything, from whole houses to garages to your kitchen floor plan. Sketch out a basic design for your garage, including walls, windows and doors. Then add design elements, like flooring from the Google 3D Warehouse. Need a model of some tool storage or specific power tools? You'll find those in the Warehouse, too, or if you're feeling particularly daring, create your own.

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