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Good resume headline examples

A resume headline offers a job seeker the opportunity to shine. A well-formed headline will get your resume placed on top of the pile not stuffed somewhere in the middle. The easy part of designing a resume is filling in details like employment history and education. What makes résumés stand out is the design.

Modern resume services involve the use of a headline to highlight one component of an applicant's profile. Headline targets are flexible and should cater to the company you query. Use a resume headline to make that employer notice you.


A resume headline that indicates background to qualify the candidate for a job works well when considering the format of your resume You could highlight past experience with a stylised statement. The idea of any headline is to accentuate the positive and bring it to the forefront.

When making a determination regarding your headline, focus on the part of your resume that makes you the right person for the job. That may be your background.

"Job seeker with 15 Years of Customer Service Experience" "Let my 10 years of Banking Experience Work for You" "Senior Accountant with CPA Certification and 20 Years of Experience" "Management Experience and a Desire to Work for the Best" "25 Years as a Police Officer Make Me the Right Security Specialist for You"

Personal Characteristics

If you are new to the field, you might consider highlighting a personal characteristic that qualifies you for the job. A potential employer values a strong attribute.

Make a list of your positive characteristics, such as "well-organized" or "dependable." Dissect the list to determine which items will work in your favour for a resume headline.

"Well-Organized and Hard-Working Individual" "Not One Sick Day in 10 Years of Employment" "The Army Taught Me the Importance of Loyalty"


A candidate who has developed skill sets may be the one to get the job.

Focus the potential employer on the skills you own that make you valuable.

Research the company and determine which of your skills might be of use. Software developers want to know what computer languages you have learnt.

Restaurant managers need to understand what type of service you employ. Use the resume headline to highlight your expertise.

"Certified in C+, ASP and LAN Administration" "Server with Training in Fine Dining" "Accountant Who Knows Peachtree, Quicken and QuickBooks" "Sales Manager Fluent in Excel and Microsoft Access"