How to Hire a Sports Agent

Sports agents are often seen as having a glamorous job, but in fact their work has little to do with the love of the game and everything to do with business. Agents not only negotiate athlete's salary contracts, but secure commercial endorsements, organise public relations efforts and some also provide legal services. Before hiring a sports agent, you will need to do careful research and take time before making a final decision.

Ensure you want to give up the rest of your college athletic eligibility. Once you hire a sports agent, you will no longer qualify to participate in collegiate sports.

Visit the players' association website of the sports league you plan to play in and make a list of prospective agents. This will ensure that you only consider those who are registered to act as an agent in your league.

Talk with professional and college athletes, scouts and coaches you know to get information about the agents on your list, including their reputation in the league.

Contact the agents you're interested in working with and tell them about yourself if they don't already recognise your name. Ask to set up a meeting to talking about the possibility of them representing you.

Ask the agents about their track record, educational credentials, experience as an agent, philosophy regarding contract negotiation, what clients they currently represent in your league and whether they offer additional services, such as financial planning and legal representation, at your meetings.

Sign a contract with the agent you feel most comfortable with and are confident in. Get a copy of your contract immediately after it is signed, and do not sign anything unless you completely understand the terms of the agreement. Most leagues have a standard contract that agents are required to use. If you do not understand part of the contract, contact your league's players' association for clarification.


Well-known, celebrity sports agents often only work with star athletes--don't be offended if they decline the chance to be your agent.

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