Hotel maintenance manager job description

A hotel maintenance manager handles all repairs and upkeep of a lodging establishment. Hotel maintenance managers typically are in charge of cleaning and fixing guest rooms and the lobby, but they might also take care of things such as the lawn, sidewalk and car park outside the building. They repair furniture, shampoo carpet, mop floors, take out trash and handle an assortment of related duties.


Hotel maintenance managers report to the overall manager. They may be the lone maintenance employee or may be responsible for hiring and training other workers. Either way, hotel maintenance managers are in charge of making sure the hotel is clean and safe for both guests and other workers. They typically have a master key that gives them access to every room, allowing them to make repairs when rooms are empty. Occasionally, they have to be prepared to make an emergency repair, such as when an air conditioning unit breaks or an electrical socket is malfunctioning.


Hotel maintenance managers must be skilled with their hands and know the tools needed for each job. That includes hammers, nails, drills, screwdrivers, mops and perhaps lawnmowers and weed-eaters. In some cases, hotel maintenance managers are expected to possess a strong knowledge of duties often handled by an electrician or plumber. Either way, they should be motivated, organised, analytical and own strong communication skills, as they interact with everyone from hotel management to co-workers to guests. Also, in the event they manage a staff, hotel maintenance managers should be capable leaders who are comfortable delegating.


Most hotels prefer candidates with previous experience as a caretaker or handyman when hiring a maintenance manager -- although that experience doesn't need to have taken place at a hotel. Some hotel maintenance managers may have worked at schools or hospitals or for government buildings. Almost all are required to possess at least GCSEs along with relevant work experience. Some may also need certificates obtained from vocational or trade schools that qualify them to be electricians or plumbers (or both).


Hotels will always need workers to be in charge of making sure the establishment is clean, safe and generally maintained, meaning opportunities for maintenance managers should always be strong. According to UK's National Careers Service hotel management jobs are expected to rise by 12 per cent between 2008 and 2017.


Hotel maintenance managers are likely to earn wages in line with maintenance managers in all fields. Those type of workers earned anywhere from more than £25,000 to nearly £50,000 per year in November 2013.

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