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How much money does a pediatrician make?

How much a paediatrician makes depends on a variety of factors, including location, place of employment and years of experience.

Paediatricians also work with a large segment of the population. They are qualified to treat anybody under 21 and for a variety of diseases, from basic illnesses to genetic defects. Areas of specialisation, more than anything, also have a great impact on the final salary of a paediatrician.


Salaries for paediatricians do not vary much throughout the years. Pay scale estimates that recent graduates and those with less than two years of experience can expect an average salary of £66,006, while paediatricians with more than 20 years in the job earn an average of £88,780. Earnings go up steadily through the years, rather than jumping at any specific point in time, which is often common in other medical professions.


Paediatricians can earn more or less depending on whether they have a specialisation in the field. According to the US Department of Labor, those who work in paediatric cardiology services, orthopaedic care, emergency services, and neonatology tend to have the highest salaries, with averages over £78,000 a year. Other specialists, such as those working in community health programs or those practicing general paediatric care, should expect to earn on the lower end of the scale (around £66,950 a year).


Paediatricians who work in hospital settings earn variable salaries depending on what unit they spend most of their time in.

Ambulatory care and surgery centres offer the highest salaries in hospitals, averaging £95,223 a year. Even those in private practice tend to earn less, reaching a national average salary of £86,511.


Geographical location has a noticeable effect on paediatricians' salaries. States with a high standard of living and better-paying jobs, like California ($124,132) and Florida ($121,824), command the highest salaries for paediatricians. An equally important geographical feature is the number of paediatricians working in a specific area. In New York, where medical centres and medical universities abound, graduates earn less ($115,861) than in areas where there is a high demand for health professionals, such as in Illinois ($132,997).


Most paediatricians work in hospital settings, usually as salaried workers. Salaries do not vary much in these areas, with government and federal employers paying an average of £77,147 and clinics averaging £78,696. Salaries go down slightly for those working in less traditional settings, such as college or universities ($113,577) and non-profit organisations or private companies ($119,973).

The lowest end of the payment range goes to paediatricians who work in schools, with salaries as low as £38,220. The highest salaries go to those working in foundation or trust settings and commanding a yearly average of £83,209.