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Ideas for fun work outings

As a manager, it's important that your employees are at least pleasantly cordial to one another, which facilitates a favourable and productive work environment. However, it's possible to strengthen workplace camaraderie.

Organise activities outside of the office that your employees will enjoy and remember fondly. They'll return to their desks motivated to make the company even more of a professional fixture in your community.

Sports Outing

Send a survey via e-mail to find out whether your workers would rather attend a baseball, basketball, football or hockey game, along with the best dates for everyone. Ask your employees to meet at the office an hour or two before the game so you can all ride together in the van you've rented. Set aside petty cash for everyone to buy memorabilia at the game, like caps and foam No. 1 fingers.

Take lots of pictures of your co-workers at the outing. Hang them on a notice board at the office, decorated in the colours of the home team.

Concert or Musical Event

Send a group e-mail to everyone informing them that a notable artist is coming to town. Ask who'd like to attend the concert and have dinner at nearby restaurant before or after the event. You can also find a bar or lounge where a local cover band or jazz quartet is playing. Ask employees if they'd like to attend after work for a low-key night of drinks, socialising or live music.

If you work with a rather outgoing group, take everyone to a karaoke bar so your employees can be part of the live entertainment. Arrange transportation home for anyone who has had too much fun.

Picnic or Potluck

Choose a theme for a potluck or picnic so each of your employees can show off cooking skills at a work-related event. For instance, schedule a Thanksgiving dinner the last day the office is open at a local hotel conference room.

Ask each employee to bring in a meal from his native country or hometown. At the picnic, organise a friendly game of volleyball or badminton while employees and their families enjoy the variety of treats. Let everyone place their vote, such as Mexican food, Italian food or Southern barbecue, in a hat so you can pull out one piece of paper out to determine the menu.

"Kid" Activity

Make your employees feel like kids again with an interactive outing. Reserve a time for everyone to go place laser tag. Take lots of pictures to add to the workplace scrapbook.

Host an Easter egg hunt for your workers in the spring. Offer prizes like 30 minutes added onto the winner's lunch break for a day or gift cards to the local coffee shop. Take your employees and their families to a nearby amusement park to indulge in a day of roller coasters and water rides to strengthen work relations.