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Information on a VIN Number for a Trailer

Any trailer manufactured for use on a public highway since 1981 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) used to identify it for insurance and registration purposes. Information encoded into the VIN includes place, company and year of manufacture, along with a unique serial number.

Where to Find Your Trailer's VIN

A trailer's VIN can be on an engraved tag virtually anywhere on the vehicle. Or it can be engraved into the metal. Look all over your trailer using a flashlight and mirror, and don't forget to look on the yoke, where it attaches to the towing vehicle.

VIN Uses

Not only do states and insurance companies use VINs to identify trailers, independent companies use them for vehicle history reports. Always have your VIN handy when selling, insuring or registering your trailer, and always copy the VIN when buying one.

Decoding Your Trailer VIN

Several websites offer free VIN decoding. offers a decoder specific to trailer users. But you need an actual trailer VIN to see how it works. Simply copy your VIN into the space provided and click "Enter."