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Interview questions for maintenance positions

Interviewing for a new job is almost always a nerve-racking experience, though thorough preparation can make the interview process a lot less daunting.

Understanding what kind of questions you will probably be asked and being ready with good responses will help you sail through the interview and land that maintenance job. These can include questions related to you, your old maintenance job, the new maintenance job, your experience and qualifications and salary questions.

Questions Relating to You

While interview questions should never get too personal, questions like "Tell me about yourself?" and "How would others describe you?" are perfectly acceptable. "What kind of people skills do you possess?"

and "What are your other hobbies/interests outside of this position?" are also suitable questions often asked in interviews.

Experience & Qualifications

Experience and qualification questions are a necessary part of the interview process in order to get an idea of exactly the kind of work you did at your last job and if your experience will lend itself to the new position. These can include "Tell me about your experience as a maintenance manager/technician/engineer?" or "Give an example of a work-related issue for which you provided a solution." Additional potential old-job-related questions include why you left your last job, how similar your last job was to the one you are interviewing for and your opinion of the last company you worked for, including what you liked about it. Other questions related to your maintenance skills can include asking you about a specific maintenance process, what the main duties are for the position and how to perform them, how to maintain certain pieces of equipment and the safety principles of the position.

Questions Relating to New Job

Questions related to the new job are another significant part of the interview process. Such questions can include a detailed explanation as to why you want the job or want to work for the company. "If you finish your work before your shift is over, how will you spend the remainder of your work time?" is another potential question. The interviewer may also ask what qualities you think will be required for this position and what you know about the job you are applying for. Scenario questions related to the new job are also likely, such as what will you do when you're leaving for work and your car doesn't start.

Salary & Career Goals

Salary questions are likely to come up in any job interview. These can include asking how much money you need to make in this position in order to support yourself, what kind of salary you are looking for and what is more important to you: salary or the position itself, including what factors other than salary are important in determining why you want the job.

Questions about career goals such as why you choose the maintenance field and what you ultimately hope to accomplish in the position are also likely interview questions.