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How to Prepare for a Warehouse Job

Working in a warehouse is fulfilling for the right person. If you enjoy being active and if you are detail-oriented, warehouse work is a good choice of career. In order to increase your chances of landing and successfully performing the job, the first step is to prepare yourself for this type of work.

Obtain the appropriate level of education. Most employers seeking warehouse workers require a secondary school level education or GCSEs. Others require special training such as a forklift licence. Managers in a warehouse typically need to have a university degree in business management.

Build your strength. Some warehouse workers must be able to do repetitive heavy lifting. Employers will ask in an interview or on a job application if you can lift a certain amount of weight. If you answer no, you will not be considered for the position. Prepare your body for the physical demands of warehouse work.

Acquire the right experience and skills. A standard requirement for warehouse workers are data entry skills because one duty to be performed on the job is to enter shipping information into a computer. Consider your desired warehouse job and learn about the requirements. Look at a few job advertisements on Careerbuilder or Monster websites to see what qualifications employers require for warehouse jobs. Acquire the experience and skills required to obtain your desired job.

Prepare yourself mentally by talking to people who already work in a warehouse. Ask what a typical day in a warehouse is like to help you understand what to expect when you begin your own warehouse job.