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Job description of a financial secretary for a social club

Financial secretaries in social clubs are responsible for providing support to administrators, members or any other assigned personnel. Employment opportunities in this industry may be limited, but the role of financial secretaries, in general, has changed with the introduction of office technologies so that many financial secretaries are now assuming duties previously viewed as managerial in nature.


Financial secretaries in social clubs screen or transfer calls, respond to inquiries and relay messages. They may compile data for financial reports, correct identified discrepancies and maintain the social club's general ledger. Financial secretaries in social clubs collect member dues, account for cash received, prepare bank deposits and process employee payrolls. They may also conduct new member orientations and coordinate training of incoming staff. Additional job duties may be assigned to ensure the social club’s daily operations are efficient.


Candidates for this role should be knowledgeable of accounting principles, budgeting and other financial practices. Effective communication, writing skills and proficient report preparations are all qualifications a financial secretary should possess. Financial secretaries of social clubs must be able to work with confidential information. Potential candidates must maintain a courteous and professional demeanour at all times. Social club financial secretaries require knowledge of Excel, Access and word processing software. Due to the nature of social club business, financial secretaries must be flexible in their work hours.


Most potential employers require financial secretaries to hold a high school diploma or GED for entry-level positions. A college degree in financial accounting may be a qualification established by potential employers during recruitment. Certification in accounting related software may be preferred, but not required, for employment.


It may be difficult for potential candidates limiting themselves to the social club industry to find job openings. There is limited data to support the availability of job opportunities for financial Secretaries specifically in social clubs. Candidates possessing bachelor's degrees in accounting will find financial secretary opportunities that dually function in a managerial role.


While there is no specific information available for financial secretaries specifically working in social clubs,in general, income of financial secretaries with a business degree is £7.20 to £9.60 an hour, as reported by PayScale. Information updated June 2010 by PayScale, reports financial secretaries were paid a higher hourly wage if they possessed a working knowledge of accounting software. The rate for financial secretaries with this skill set ranged from £7.40 to £10.70 and hour.