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Legal Online Data Entry Jobs

People who want to work from home may seek a job with flexible work hours that does not require them to use the phone. Data entry might fit the bill; however, workers need to beware of scam job offers. There are companies that offer legitimate online data entry jobs, though, and with enough research obtaining legitimate employment is possible.

Axion Data Services

Axion Data Services specialises in data entry services and Internet research tasks for companies including retail businesses, non-profit and direct marketing businesses. The company uses United States-based workers and two offshore subcontractors to provide customers with around-the-clock services. Individuals who work with Axion Data Services are considered independent contractors and are responsible for all taxes and required equipment. Contractors are paid on a per-piece basis, with compensation rates depending on the project a worker is assigned. Upon completion of the work, contractors submit an invoice to Axion and are paid 28 days after the invoice date. To qualify for employment opportunities, applicants must have computer skills, their own computer equipment, a high-speed Internet connection, a voicemail service or an answering machine and a clean criminal background. Axion Data does not advertise employment opportunities; interested individuals can register through the site for future openings.


Individuals who are looking to work for a number of clients may consider a freelance career using oDesk's services. Both companies and individuals with data entry needs sign up as an employer and list tasks through oDesk. Freelancers then bid on projects and employers can choose from the bid that best suits their needs. The winning bidder completes the project and submits the work and a time sheet to oDesk. The employer pays the freelancer only for the time actually spent working. All payment transactions are handled through oDesk. In addition to data-entry projects, oDesk has opportunities for graphic artists, transcriptionists, writers and software developers. There is no charge for freelancers to find jobs through the oDesk system, and anyone with a computer and Internet connection can sign up as a service provider.


ChaCha guides work from home providing answers to questions from users who have texted or called into the ChaCha service. Guides search the Internet to find answers to questions such as movie times, restaurant phone numbers and sports scores. ChaCha users can also receive jokes, horoscopes and crystal ball-type answers via text message after signing up for the service. The company offers four separate roles for prospective independent contractors. Generalists can answer customer questions on any topic, while specialists are skilled in a particular area. Expediters categorise questions before sending them on to a generalist or specialist, and also provide customers with jokes, horoscopes, sports scores and movie times. Transcribers are responsible for transcribing voice calls from customers who have used their allotted text messages. Prospective guides must be at least 18 years old, fluent in English and based in the U.S. with authorisation to work in the country. A high-speed Internet connection is required.