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List of 6 Figure Jobs

If you are seeking a six-figure job, then, most likely, you have already thought about becoming a doctor, lawyer or stockbroker on Wall Street. Yet you may be surprised to learn that certain flight attendants, real estate agents and gaming managers earn more than £65,000 per year. While some six-figure jobs require graduate degrees, some of them only require extensive training.

Flight Attendant

According to, the top 10 per cent of flight attendants earn $102,600 per year. Typically, corporate flight attendants, who provide services on non-commercial aircraft like charter planes, make the most income. Some corporate flight attendants begin their careers in the commercial airline industry while others receive special training to start in this field immediately. Florida is the top-paying state for flight attendants. The average annual salary in this career is around $62,000.

Air Traffic Controller

If you would rather have a job closer to the ground, consider becoming an air traffic controller. Air traffic controllers coordinate air traffic to ensure planes stay safe. Nearly all controllers are employed by the Federal Aviation Administration, an agency of the federal government. The average salary for this job is $107,780 and the median salary is $112,930. Air traffic controllers make the most money in Illinois, which is home to O'Hare International Airport.

Gaming Manager

A gaming manager is one of the few people who actually makes money on the casino floor. The top 10 per cent in this field earn $106,220 a year (although the average salary hovers around $69,000). Responsibilities for this job include controlling gaming operations, directing staff and catering to their clients' needs. To earn top-dollar in this career, gaming managers usually work in 2 to 3 casinos before they break into a six-figure income. Pennsylvania, Nevada and California are the three highest-paying states for this occupation.

Loan Officer

While most loan officers make around $55,000 per year, some officers earn more than $106,000 annually. Loan officers spend their days helping people secure commercial, real estate or credit loans. Many loan officers have a bachelor's degree in finance or a related field, but some officers advance into their position from other banking jobs. If you would like to become a loan officer, consider moving to Alaska and Massachusetts since these are the top-paying states for this career.


More than 200,000 pharmacists work across the United States in places like chemists, grocery stores and hospitals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most pharmacists earn between $83,180 and $108,140 a year. The highest 10 per cent, however, made more than $119,480 annually. Pharmacists must have a bachelor's degree, a Doctor of Pharmacy and a valid license to work. Day-to-day responsibilities include dispensing medication to people, offering advice on prescription drugs and monitoring the health of patients.