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How to Find a List of Your Previous Addresses

It is often necessary to write down a list of previous addresses when applying for jobs, signing rental agreements or opening a new credit card.

If you have moved frequently, it can be difficult to remember past contact details. Ideally, you should keep a record of old addresses, but if you have forgotten, there are several ways to find a list of your previous addresses.

Call the USA Credit Bureau (see References). When people change addresses, credit card companies often contact the Credit Bureau to have the new address put on that person's credit report.

Register with Public Records Checks (see Resources). Use a search engine to bring up your public records. These records may show previous addresses you have inhabited.

Check in drawers, boxes and cabinets to see whether you have any old bills or letters that were sent to past addresses. Use the dates of these letters to put together a timeline of where you have lived.

Contact friends you have known for a long time. They may have kept old address books with your past contact details written down.

Things Needed

  • Computer
  • Telephone