How to locate the deed to my house

If you've owned your home for some time, you may have no idea where to find your copy of the deed. While a deed is an important piece of paper that is vital for proving ownership of your home, like all documents, deeds sometimes are misplaced, lost or destroyed by a disaster. If you can't find your house deed no matter how hard you look, it's not too complicated to get another copy.

Locate the last tax bill or assessment you received for your house.

Find the property identification number printed on the tax bill. This is the number used by the county and state to track property transactions on your home.

Visit the county administrative offices in the county where your house is located; you will want the Recorder of Deeds office within the county building.

Request a copy of the deed for your property identification number. Typically, there will be a nominal fee to receive a copy of your house deed.


Some county offices may be able to search your deed by name or address. Some county offices offer this service online.

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