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Marketing Trainee Job Description

A marketing trainee assists in corporate marketing projects.

This allows the trainee to become familiar with all the marketing functions of a corporation (i.e., promotion, sales). According to, a trainee is in this position "for approximately one year before assignment to a position in staff marketing or field sales." There are several specific tasks and requirements involved in a marketing trainee position.


Much like an assistant, the trainee works for the senior marketing executive.

For larger corporations, trainees are responsible for administrative functions of execs on several levels, freeing up the staff marketer to hone in on marketing areas such as PR and advertising. Trainees assist in several departments, giving them a broad range of experience. Trainees are eventually groomed for management or staff marketing positions.


Duties include:

--compiling lists of targeted resellers and being in constant contact with them via phone calls, e-mail or personal visits

--analysing the demographics of consumers

--having and maintaining a good working relationship with ad agencies and PR firms

--aiding with marketing campaigns

--keeping proper records of sales, demographics and other factors

Other duties include copywriting and marketing research. Knowledge of ad campaigns is a must.


Since a good deal of marketing is maintaining good working relationships with clients, a trainee would need to be personable and able to work well with people. Verbal and written communication skills are ideal. During the research phase, a trainee deals with a lot of information, so a detailed-orientated candidate is a plus. Trainees should also be creative in the implementation of marketing plans and strategies.

Another important skill required for a trainee is motivation. Many marketing positions are commission based; therefore, negotiation skills are pertinent.


For this entry-level position, a bachelor's with a speciality concentration is ideal. A few positions may call for a master's degree, but normally this is not a prerequisite. Sales experience is a plus, especially if compensation is commission based.

Field training is also an option for those who lack a degree.

Oftentimes, a company will pay for a candidate to go to school to obtain a degree. Corporations also look for candidates with extensive sales or customer service experience.


The salary range for a marketing trainee varies with industry and location. However, according to, the national range is approximately £18,850 to £25,350, with the range increasing with degrees earned and years of experience.

The median salary varies for each industry. For instance, the median salary for an entry-level marketer in the publishing industry is £22,750.

The median for the same type of position in the financial services industry is slightly higher at £26,000. These figures also depend upon location and level of experience.