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How much does a bone marrow transplant cost?

A bone-marrow transplant is a very costly procedure that's not always fully covered by insurance companies but, in general, the price has gone down as the procedure has become more commonplace. The cost of a bone-marrow transplant can vary by several thousand dollars depending on where it takes place and the exact type of transplant you receive.

Autologous Transplant

The cost of an autologous transplant can range from £32,500 to £65,000. A transplant is defined as autologous when the patient earlier donates her individual stem cells that are preserved for a transplant at a later date.

Allogeneic Transplant

An allogeneic transplant is generally more expensive than the autologous method, costing anywhere from £97,500 to £130,000. When the person donating the stem cells is a genetically matched family member ,the transplant is referred to as allogeneic-related. When the donor is not related to the patient it is called an allogeneic-unrelated transplant.

Syngeneic Transplant

In cases when the person donating the stem cells is an identical twin to the patient it is called a syngeneic transplant. It is comparable in price to an allogeneic-related transplant.

National Marrow Donor Program

Even patients who have health insurance can expect to pay at least some expenses out of pocket. You may want to contact the National Marrow Donor Program for financial advice. The organisation assists patients who have specific questions about the costs associated with a bone-marrow transplant and may be able to suggest financial-aid options.

Raising Money to Fund your Transplant

Fundraisers can be a lucrative and enjoyable way to raise money for your bone-marrow transplant. Enlist the help of your family and friends to plan such an event.


Ask your health-care provider or transplant specialist if you quality for funds from the Be-The-Match Foundation Patient Assistant Program. The program offers financial aid to patients who have little or no insurance to help pay for a bone-barrow transplant.

Post Transplant Expenses

There will be additional expenses to consider as you recover from a bone-marrow transplant. It can take six months or longer to fully recuperate. Some or all of the tests, medications and post-treatment visits to your doctor may be covered by your insurance.