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How much do bookkeepers get paid?

Book-keepers typically work for small companies, where they regularly update all the financial records. A book-keeper produces financial statements, creates summaries for managers, prepares bank deposits, creates invoices and monitors overdue accounts.

Some book-keepers are in charge of payroll. Most book-keepers earn at least £21,450 per year, but some are paid much higher salaries.

Median Salary

Book-keepers are generalists, in contrast with accounting clerks, who typically work for larger companies and have more specialised duties. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics includes book-keepers with accounting and auditing clerks in its salary data for this occupation. The average pay for this category of workers as of May 2009 was £10.80 per hour, equalling £22,587 per year. The median salary, or the number in the exact middle of all salary figures for this occupation, was £21,742 per year. lists the median annual salary specifically for book-keepers as £24,705 as of March 2011.

Salary Range

The middle 50 per cent of book-keepers on the earnings scale make £21,654 to £28,202 per year as of March 2011, according to The bottom 10 per cent have annual salaries of £18,876 and below, and the top 10 per cent £31,385 and higher.

High-Paying Areas

Certain metropolitan regions are particularly high-paying areas for book-keepers, accounting clerks and auditing clerks, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. also finds these cities as lucrative for book-keepers specifically. Book-keepers in Washington, D.C., have a median yearly salary of £26,912; in Bridgeport, Connecticut, £27,760; in Boston, Massachusetts, £27,824; in Anchorage, Alaska, £28,152; and in San Francisco, California, £30,061.

Other Areas

The median salary for book-keepers is close to the nationwide median in Atlanta, Georgia, at 38,049 per year, and in Albany, New York, at £25,264.

The median salary for book-keepers in Grand Junction, Colorado, however, is much lower, at £19,750 per year, ranking in the bottom 25 per cent nationwide. Some additional examples of bookkeeping salaries throughout the country include Traverse City, Michigan, with a median pay rate of £22,321 per year; Bismarck, North Dakota, at £22,791; Louisville, Kentucky, at £23,554; Yakima, Washington, at £23,826; and Jacksonville, Florida, at £24,029.

Job Openings

The job search website shows hundreds of available bookkeeping jobs throughout the country in 2011.

Examples of employment settings include advertising agencies, art studios, casinos, grocery stores, insurance companies, landscaping services, law firms, mortgage companies, non-profit agencies, printing companies, real estate agencies, resorts, restaurants and school districts. Posted pay rates range from £5 to £13 per hour, translating to £12,168 to £28,392 per year.