How much do computer technicians get paid?

A computer technician repairs, troubleshoots and installs computer systems for an organisation or individuals. Technicians may operate a private business, contract with larger organisations or work in the information technology department of a company. The average salary for a computer technician is between £18,879 and £29,960, as of December 2010, according to PayScale, a job compensation database.


Computer technicians with years of experience become expert in a greater variety of software programs and hardware configurations. The salary of an experienced computer repair technician increases with the number of years in the business. For example, a computer technician with 10 to 19 years experience earn an average salary range of £23,929 to £34,047 while those with one to four years experience earn a salary range between £18,707 and £26,874, according to PayScale.


The state the computer technicians work in can be a factor in the salary. Cost of living and demand for professionals determines the salary of the technician. A computer technician in New York earns an average salary between £20,069 and £31,200 while those working in Tennessee earn a salary range of £19,306 to £24,410. The cost of living is 55 per cent lower in Memphis than it is in New York City, according to Sperling’s, an online database that compares costs of living in various areas. The housing costs are 85 per cent lower in Memphis than in New York City as well.

Type of Employer

The type of employer a computer technician works for can be a factor in the salary. A computer technician working for a non-profit organisation earns a salary range of £18,827 to £35,750 while those working for a college or university earn a range of £21,164 to £26,085, according to PayScale.


Employers offer benefits to computer technicians to retain the employee and to attract skilled professionals to the position. Popular benefits offered to computer repair technicians include 401K plans, insurance, paid sick time and paid vacations. The value of the benefits can increase the value of the total compensation package.

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