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How much do ESL teachers get paid?

English as a second language (ESL) teachers get paid different amounts based on their teaching appointments, education level, experience and other factors, such as the country or state where they teach. ESL teachers get paid by the hour, the year or the class, and some ESL teachers increase their salaries by teaching several kinds of classes.

ESL Preschool Teachers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), preschool teachers make an average of £8.50 an hour and £17,842 each year. Although some preschool teachers make as little as £5.10 per hour, others make as much as £13.6. ESL preschool teachers are specialists with greater training, so they will likely be at the higher end of this scale.

ESL Elementary School Teachers

According to Payscale, elementary school teachers with ESL certifications make from £25,838 to £34,615 per year. How much these ESL teachers are paid depends on if the school is public or private, the school district, whether the teacher has a master's degree and if the teacher is employed full- or part-time.

ESL Middle and High School Teachers

According to Payscale, middle school and high school teachers with ESL certifications are paid from £30,104 to £35,831 per year and £25,771 to £35,750 per year respectively. Teachers who take on additional duties -- driver's education, summer school, after-school tutoring -- are paid more.

ESL College Instructors

According to All Education Schools, ESL teachers at the college level make from £27,695 to £64,333 per year. Lecturers and instructors (who often have only master's degrees) make less than assistants, associates and full professors, who have Ph.D.s.

ESL Adult Education Teachers

Adult education ESL teachers instruct nonnative speakers at night schools, adult education centres and in their homes. According to the BLS, teachers of adult literacy, remedial studies and GED courses make an average of £15.7 hourly and just more than £32,500 per year. Teachers who hold private classes and tutoring sessions can set their own wages, potentially increasing their income.

ESL Teachers Abroad

ESL teachers who travel outside of the United States to work are generally paid a combination of local currency and benefits. ESL teachers usually earn enough local currency to live comfortably in the country while they work, in addition to lodging and/or travel benefits.

ESL Teacher Consultants

According to Payscale, ESL teachers who offer their services as consultants or trainers earn from £32,384 to £54,290 per year. These ESL teachers partner with public and private schools, as well as colleges and universities, to improve their existing programs by training teachers, writing curriculum and improving assessment.

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