How much money do oral surgeons make?

Oral surgeons specialise in wisdom teeth removal, reconstructive surgery, dental implant surgery, removal of jaw tumours and cysts and other problems of the maxillofacial area, according to Healthcare Salary Online. An oral surgeon's education is extensive. Health care Salary Online says an oral surgeon has a four-year graduate degree in dentistry and a minimum of four years of residency in a hospital surgical residency programme.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a mean annual income of £137,000 and a mean hourly wage of £65.80 for an oral surgeon in 2009. Leading websites report that, as of 2010, the salary range of oral surgeons is from £97,302 to £197,582 after profit sharing and bonuses. The BLS data is consistent with the range.

Varies by workplace

The salary of an oral surgeon varies by where he works, according to the BLS. An oral surgeon who works in a dentist's office earns a mean annual income of £138,200 (as of 2009); these are the highest-paid oral surgeons. Oral surgeons who work in physicians' offices earn a mean annual income of £132,500, and those who work in general medical and surgical hospitals earn a mean annual income of £130,000.

Varies by state

The BLS found that an oral surgeon's income varies by the state in which he works. For example, oral surgeons working in New York have a mean annual income of £135,100 (as of 2009), those working in Massachusetts earn a mean annual income of £131,000 and oral surgeons working in North Carolina earn £126,600, according to the BLS.

Varies by experience

Leading salary websites salary data show that an oral surgeon's income also varies by his level of experience. An oral surgeon with less than one year of experience has a salary range of £32,750 to £132,250 (as of 2010). As the oral surgeon gains more experience, her salary increases. An oral surgeon with one to four years of experience has a salary range of £77,750 to £147,850, those with five to nine years of experience have a range of £99,200 to £162,800 and those with 10 to 19 years of experience have a range of £127,300 to £195,650. When an oral surgeon gains 20 years of experience, her salary range becomes wider. These oral surgeons earn £68,250 to £247,000 each year, according to a leading salary website.

Other factors

Other factors that play a role in an oral surgeon's salary are if he has a private practice, if he works for the government and the size of the company he works for, according to a leading salary website. An oral surgeon in private practice earns £100,200 to £166,350 (as of 2010), and an oral surgeon who works for the federal government earns £73,000 to £153,300. If an oral surgeon works for a small company (one to nine employees), his salary range is £99,200 to £159,700, and those who work for larger companies (10 to 49 employees) have a wider income range; they earn £79,350 to £160,800.

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