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How Much Does an Emergency Medical Technician Get Paid?

While being an emergency medical technician (EMT) requires state mandated certification, the ability to think quickly in an emergency, and a commitment to working irregular hours, the job prospects for those in this field are good, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The amount of money an emergency medical technician gets paid depends on his experience and location.

Training and Certification

Emergency medical technician training is offered at three levels: EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate and Paramedic. As the most advanced level, those with paramedic certification are likely to earn the highest salaries of the three. EMTs and paramedics are also required to earn a license, but the exact type of license required varies from state to state.


The mean annual wage for EMTs and paramedics as of May 2009 was £21,463, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest ten per cent of those in this occupation earned an average of £12,584, while those in the top ten per cent earned £33,449. Duties for EMTs include taking an assessment of injuries and administering care, as well as transporting patients to medical facilities for complete treatment.


Emergency medical technicians can be employed in a variety of industries, each of which offer different salary averages. Those working in the industry of ambulatory health care services, which maintains the highest level of employment, earn a mean annual wage of £19,571. EMTs employed by the local government earn more at £23,907, while those working for general medical and surgical hospitals offer £21,703. Outpatient care centres and offices of physicians offer similar wages for EMTs at £21,151 and £21,404, respectively.


Due to cost of living and demand, EMTs and paramedics in different areas may experience different salaries. Hawaii is the top paying state, with an annual mean wage of £30,797. Alaska follows with an average salary of £30,309. Oregon, Washington and Maryland all pay above average with salaries ranging from £26,747 to £28,093.


With time and experience, EMTs can expect their salaries to increase. PayScale states that the starting salary range for an emergency medical technician is £16,005 to £22,631, while one with five or more years of experience earns between £19,149 and £29,680. With over ten years that peak rises to £36,888, and after twenty years in the field EMTs earn between £22,605 and £37,967.