How much do restaurant managers get paid?

Restaurant managers oversee the day-to-day operations of eating places, including the waitstaff, kitchen, ordering and customer service aspects of the restaurant. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported annual salaries for restaurant managers in May 2008, revealing that the amount of pay a restaurant manager makes depends upon the type of facility he manages and the state where she lives.

Average Salary

As of 2008, the average annual median salary for all restaurant and food services managers was £32,708, with a salary range of between £19,142 and £50,011.

Largest Industries Salaries

Limited-service restaurants such as fast food and takeout establishments and full service, sit-down restaurants were the largest employers of restaurant managers, with workers in these fields earning annual median salaries of £29,035 and £34,190.

Highest Paid Industries Salaries

The highest pay for restaurant managers was found in cafeterias inside of businesses and companies, such as accounting firms, scientific and technical companies, civic organisations and hospitals. The average annual median salaries for these areas was £50,622, £45,519, £45,025 and £44,161, respectively.

Largest Areas

The states of Tennessee, Hawaii and California had the highest concentration of restaurant managers, and workers in these states earned average annual median salaries of £26,409, £34,040 and £32,396, respectively.

Highest Paid States

New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Nevada and Missouri were home to the highest paid restaurant managers. Average annual median salaries in these states were £43,108, £40,696, £39,845, £39,390 and £38,993, respectively.

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