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How much does a gynecologist make a year?

Gynecologists work in physician practices, hospitals, outpatient care centres, colleges and universities, and government organisations. Salaries vary based on level of experience, type of employer and other factors. Many gynecologists have obstetrical training and education, which increases their earning potential and demand for services.

Average Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, average salaries for gynecologists range from £124,247 to £136,792. The Allied Physicians salary survey reports a median expected salary of £143,452, which is above the U.S. Bureau of Labor assumptions. The highest paying metropolitan areas include select cities in Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Speciality Types

Obstetric gynecologists who also hold a degree in obstetrics and deliver prenatal, perinatal and postnatal care, and perform related surgical procedures, have greater earning potential. They work as advanced medical specialists and earn a median annual income of £220,829. Salaries vary by type of practice and complexity of procedures performed.


Gynecologists who own their own medical practice or are self-employed typically receive higher compensation than salaried physicians. Those who practice in hospitals and metropolitan clinical settings typically receive higher salaries than gynecologists employed in academic positions. Salary is based on experience, geographic location, skill, professional reputation and type of clinical setting.