How much does an interior decorator charge?

When looking to give your home a new look, you may consider using an interior decorator to help you choose the best furnishings and designs for the space that you have. However, many people do not know how much--or how little--an interior decorator charges.

Hourly Fees

Interior decorators may charge by the hour. A Home Based Business Online reports that, as of 2009, beginning decorators will start out at between £32 and £65 an hour, depending on your location. Decorators in big cities may charge significantly more, and the rate will go up with their experience. If you plan on hiring an hourly decorator, make sure you have them draw up an estimate beforehand of approximately how long the decorating will take.

Flat Fee

Other decorators charge a flat fee for the work that they do. These fees vary on the size of the space, but according to Cost Helper, expect them to start at around £325 on the low end as of November 2010. This may seem expensive compared to an hourly decorator, but considering that one room may take significantly more than 20 hours to decorate, you can save in the end.

Percentage Fee

Larger design firms, or decorators working on a larger project, may charge a per cent of the total cost of decoration. Make sure you are working with a reputable firm, as this can create an incentive for less scrupulous designers to purchase more expensive decorations. Expect to pay your decorator between 15 and 30 per cent of the total project cost, as A Home Based Business states this as a fair fixed percentage for decorators in 2009.

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