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How Much Does an Interior Decorator Make in a Year?

Interior decorators work to enhance the decor of homes and commercial buildings.

Their job is to create aesthetically pleasing and efficient spaces for homeowners, using furnishings, colour, texture, lighting and accessories. At the same time, a decorator must design a space that suits the owner’s style, taste and needs.

In offices and commercial spaces, a professionally designed space can improve morale and efficiency. The average annual salary for an interior decorator in the United States ranges from £20,235 and £65,051, as of November 2010, according to PayScale


The salary an interior decorator earns varies greatly by location, because of factors such as the cost of living and demand for decorators. For example, interior decorators working in the state of New York can earn an average annual salary of £38,350, while those working in Idaho earn average annual salaries of £26,650, according to Indeed figures as of November 2010.

Type of Employer

Interior decorators can work for a private decorating company or be self-employed.

Self-employed interior decorators earn higher salaries than those working for a company. The average U.S. salary of a self-employed interior decorator is between £25,548 and £55,548 a year, while those working for a company earn salaries between £22,343 and £31,514 a year, according to PayScale.


Experienced decorators with a list of satisfied customers earn the highest salaries in the business.

Decorators with 20 or more years of experience in the field can earn an average salary of up to £98,109 a year. Decorators with between one and four years of experience can earn up to £30,480 annually as of November 2010, according to PayScale.

Interior decorators with a portfolio to show prospective clients are able to convey the quality of past work. This is acquired with years in the business.


Interior decorators working for a company may receive benefits in addition to a yearly salary. Benefits such as paid vacations, 401k plans, health insurance and sick time are common for such employees, according to PayScale.

Self-employed interior decorators earn higher salaries, but they are responsible for paying for these benefits on their own. A self-employed decorator does not receive paid time off, and time off from work can cut into her yearly income.